Technical Data
  • Lenght     -     5,35 m
  • Width     -     2,31 m
  • Inner Lenght     -     4,30 m
  • Inner Width     -     1,20 m
  • Float size     -     0,55 m
  • Compartments     -     5
  • Hulls weight     -     320 kg
  • Power max     -     90 PS
  • Shaft Lenght     -     L
  • Number of Persons     -     8
  • Category     -     B
  • Fuel Tank     -     40 L (Option)

Nuovajolly Blackfinn 545

Winner 545 is the golden mean in the class winner. This inflatable is a boat that is submitted for the weaker or stronger outboard engine depending on the desire for performance. Its size allows easy daily use and maneuver. Given that this boat from the winner series of constant and long-term transformations to improve the hull led to the perfect maritime characteristics and Performances delights. This boat can be used as tourism, fishing or working dinghy.

Its dimensions and meaningful internal space is maximally utilized and still offers more than 485 winners company directory. The dimensions of this boat and its weight are suitable for easy transport which expands the possibilities of use and enjoyment. Its dimensions still allow launching on trailer which can be done by one person. The material from which it is made is the same as the material used for large inflatables and weather conditions and long-term use will not cause abrasion. This inflatable boat is designed in such a way that it has sufficient space and that used multifunctional.

Designed console with windshield is centrally located and its dimensions allow lateral pass to the bow. The console has a built massive grip, and storage within the console are big enough for dry storage. Great width of the bow creates a workspace if you want to use as a working boat. Prov storage are great and stern storage is surprising because many unconventional decision opening the aft seat. If the boat is used for summer fun bow sunbathing addition to the bow turns into a comfortable sundeck.

All pillows are filled with waterproof special foam. In front of the console is integrated with the chair seat. The size and height of the console in accordance with the inner space of a windshield is large enough for a wind deflector. The bench is set up so that enables a comfortable ride sitting and sufficiently spaced to ride on feet. Deck chair is foldable and convertible into a sun deck and overlapping the bow allows easier access to the aft and outboard motors. With the installation of stainless steel rollbar and bimini this boat turns into a tourist working dinghy distinctive design.